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Selling post

I'm selling these things for friend who doesn't use LJ and bought these things twice =_=
I just had my cell phone to do the photos, sorry.
- Shipping from Italy
- Prices don't include paypal fees and shipping costs
- Click on photos to see them bigger

Popcorn Limited Edition 30€ SOLD

Thypoon Generation 10€ SOLD

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Feel free to comment here to ask anything you want to know ^^


Please read carefully everything.

The period for selling finished. I'll go back in Japan and leave all the goods here in Italy off course. I'll think about what to do.

Paying method: only paypal (postepay for italian buyers who wish it)
Prices: shipping costs not included, paypal fees to be added when the shipping costs are determined
Shipping: don't blame on me if something happens to the package after shipping, It's not my fault!
Edition: If not stated differently, CDs are RE
Goods condition: If not stated differently, goods are used but in new-like condition
I still have some shop photos I'll give for free

Ichigo N' 1 (LE) 2000¥
HERE WE GO 2000¥
How is it going? 2000¥
Iza, Now! 2000¥
ONE 2000¥
TIME 2000¥
Dream "A" Live 2000¥
All the Best 1999-2009 2000¥
Boku no miteiru Fukei (LE) 3500¥
Popcorn 2000¥
LOVE 2000¥
Sunrise Nippon/Horizon (LE) 1100¥
Jidai (LE) 1100¥
Nice na Kokoroiki 900¥
Pikanchi 900¥
Kitto Daijobu 900¥
Aozora Pedaru (LE)
Beautiful Days 900¥
Believe/Kumorinochi kasei 900¥
Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon 900¥
Everything 900¥
My Girl (LE) 1000¥
Troublemaker (LE) 1100¥
Moster (LE) 1100¥
Love Rainbow 900¥
Dear Snow 900¥
Lotus 900¥
Meikyu Love Song 900¥
Wild at Heart 900¥
Face Down 900¥
Your Eyes 900¥
Calling/Breathless 900¥
Endless Game 900¥
Bittersweet 900¥
GUTS [NEW!] 1200¥

Suppin Arashi [VHS] 1000¥
Arashi! Iza, Now Tour!! 2000¥
AAA Thailand-Taiwan-Korea 2000¥
AAA 2007 + in Dome</span> 2000¥
Summer Tour 2007 Final Time 2000¥
5x10 Tour 2000¥
Arashi 10-11 Tour "Scene" - DOME (LE)
ARAFES 2012 (LE) 4500¥
ARASHI LIVE TOUR Popcorn 2000¥

sorted by concert/event, group photos

Dream 'A' Live Tour
BAG 3000¥

BAG 2000¥

Beautiful World

STRAP 2000¥ (used)
TOWEL 2000¥
BAG 1000¥(used)



BAG 2000¥
PILLOW 3000¥
TSHIRT 2000¥
PIN 500¥
GLASS (blue) 1000¥
GLASS (orange) 1000¥


BAG 1000¥(used)
HAT 1000¥
WRISTBAND (black) 500¥
STRAP 1 (left) 500¥(used)
STRAP 2 (right) 500¥(used)


BAG (left) 2000¥
BAG (right) 2000¥
NOTES 1000¥
CLEARFILE 500¥(used)
PIN 500¥
SEED 500¥
BENTO 2000¥
PENCILCASE 500¥(used)


Arashi Around Asia
Minna Arashi Episode 2012
Aa, Koya (Jun's butai)
500¥ each
500¥ each

ONLY Ohno (big on the right one) left
500¥ each
bottom right (sho)
(top) 700¥
(lower) 500¥ each
All 500¥


Hello everyone! How are you doing?
I hope everyone is fine and is having a good spring time. How is spring in your country this year?
last year spring in Italy was... kind of absent... yes, I should say so. We had a looong winter of maybe I must say that we had again autumn after winter and the suddently summer. By the way, we hadn't spring and suddently the sun shone after the first half of July. Before it it just rained rained rained. Just imagine how green Italy could be after so much water! But we had some problems related to landslips and floods.
This year we're having a normal springtime finally! Maybe it started a bit early, but I don't want to complain =P I'm happy!

If anyone is interested, I finished my bachelor's degree course in January. Yay! ^^v
But, yes, as the title of this post said, this blog is going on hiatus. Well, actually you can say that it was already, I haven't wrote for a while but it was because I hadn't time, not because I really wanted to stop for some time. Now I really need this hiatus.
The reason is I'm leaving for Japan in 4 days (my flight is on tuesday April 1st) and I'll stay there for a whole year.
Basically I'm going to study. Even with all my efforts, as long as I study the language from here, I won't be able to improve if japanese doesn't become, let's say, "alive". I must have the need of using it everyday as areal language or else all that I learn won't endure very much in my head.
Then, I'll have to find a part-time job too. My parents spent a lot of money for the school, the flight and the room-rent, so I really need to find a way to survive with my own strength. I hope to find a way to teach my language since I've studied many years to do it, but if I can't find anything realated to it after the first or the second month, then I'm fine with any other kind of part-time job.
Wherever you go to study AND work, the everyday life would be very busy I suppouse, that's why I must put aside this blog for a while. At least until my return. If I'll ever have free time I think it will be correct to spend it doing little trips all around Japan (if I have the money to do them) or to spend it relaxing, doing the things I like (such as reading, watching movies, writing), or to spend it talking to my italian friends whom I'll miss A LOT.

I'll write a blog from there, but only in italian because it's basically for my friends to read how I'm doing and for my students to see how many linguistic gaffes their sensei is going to do! XD
If any of you is italian or understand italian or is studying italian and wants something interesting to read as an exercise... well, it's ok for me to give you the name of the blog. For all the others I'm sorry ^^;;
Maybe, if something arashi-related happens and it's very important, then I'll write it here. But, well, yes this is the beginning of the hiatus so...
have a nice year everyone :) keep on doing your best whatever your job or studies are
Hunger Games

「Hunger Games」FINAL REVIEW

As I said, here I am, talking about books.
I want to start with this trilogy 'cause I've already read it 3 times (I want to read it again!) and it's the trend of the moment sice we have the second movie in every movie theatre.
Before starting with my review I want to tell you how I discovered the trilogy.
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I first read it downloading the ebooks for free, but I bought the original books and movie DVD too =P Actually I'm a big fan of this story ^^v
This is my review, the images are the Italian edition book's covers.

The Hunger Games
Reads: (1)31/05-03/05, (2)05/09-08/09
A book written in first person may be disliked by many. It's a complicated choice for the writer: choosing one point of view may close many doors, but it opens many others and it fulfills things that a third-person story can't do.
Katniss character is really genuine: young, confused, afraid of life -as any teenager- stoic, distrustful and introverted -as any teenager from the Seam (il Giacimento). She's like a wild animal, ready to defend herself and the ones she loves with tooth and nail, she's not used to hypocrisy and half measures. Somehow I don't like her as a person, but she's truly considerable as a character: well conceived, coherent, unconventional. And -I must say it- we need a character like this when the ideal women is like Bella in Twilight or the character of Fifty Shades of whatever: stupid, without spine, slaves of mens and destructive feelings of love.
Peeta too is a good character, it's a pity there's nothing written by his point of view. He's good, full of positive feelings and hopes -as someone who lives outside the Seam and far from absolute poverty- but he's from District 12 too: he knows that nobody is on his side and the best thing is to distrust everyone. His kindness won't probably keep him alive, but he is strong, smart and -admit it- cunning. Without being a possessive and invasive lover (or Katniss would hate him), Peeta is a kind of man that a smart girl would prefer to any vampire.
In this first book these two are THE characters. The others are still secondary, but this is the book that prepare the story for the future developes: the bond with Haymitch and with the team of stylist, the recovery of Katniss' mother, the President's gaze. Nothing is accidental in this story: words, gestures, locations, sensations, flowers.
I think the arena is one of the most powerfull metaphore of our society. A society where you're a no-one if you don't accept to lay your cards on the table -photos, journeys, love stories, thoughts, feelings- you are a no-one if others aren't interested in you and they don't "follow" you. A society where everything has to be public, where they dragged out us always the same things and we're almost forced to watch them. A society that asks to work without giving nothing in return, that forces people to put up with the same things, hoping we will stop thinking, leaving them to think for us. A society where we must sort out to go on living and we must reinvent ourself to survive, if necessary, at the expense of others.

Catching Fire
Reads: (1)03/04-05/04, (2)25/04-02/05, (3)09/09-20/09
Let's start talking about Katniss. I'm appreciating her more and more, not because she's pleasant but because she's not: instead of a totally good or bad character, I prefer a character who seems real, with ups and downs like all of us. Because of this Katniss is more real, while Peeta seems more a book character.
In this second volume I read Katniss grow a bit and get used (unfortunately) to violence, death and blood: at the beginning she tells us she usually run out of her house when someone severly wounded was on the table of her house, but at the end of this volume we read of her trying to heal Betee's wound. She developes a sense of justice hearing about the people of the district who rebel to Capitol City and I can say that now she voluntary decide to turn against the governement (in the first book was.. kind of, accidental). She developes also some feelings, not for Gale, who she leaves behind her quickly, but for Peeta. Maybe they can't be called "romantic feelings" yet, but now she treasures him, she wants to defend him and she deals with him as ally and partner because the pain of the arena create a bond between them.
Peeta too has some small developings: he's less naive and quite, more emotionally unstable and distrustful.
About the story... someone may think that the return into the arena is expected, but I don't agree. The chapters right after the annouce of the Quarter Quell (Edizione della Memoria) must be read carefully. The parade, the training, the interviews and then the arena... what is described is an emotional climax of the whole Panem, not an expected and boring repetition. The author re-wrote about the arena not because she didn't have any new idea, but I think she had precise goal: re-raping the winners of the previous Hunger Games is a tactic to made the Districts lower their heads, but the real effect is that the Capitol City citizens too are displeased! This is a smart pick for the story.
The discontent and the revolutions don't come from nothing. Events that raise strong emotion and bring to a big emotive explosion: that is what's needed to change the world. And this is what the return into the arena is.

Reads: (1)31/08-03/09, (2)21/09-30/09
I'm strongly convinced that this book must be read twice. Once to know how the story ends. Once to really understand everything and follow in detail how the story went on.
The first time I read the book I was a bit disappointed, but after the second one I was able to talk about this volume with awareness of the facts.
The third book is harsh and "cold": the games ended, the real slaughter begins. For everyone. Many readers were disappointed and I understand them: there's nothing pleasant in this story. But this is also the reason why I think it should be appreciated. The real war isn't funny, nor thrilling, it's harsh, dangerous, sometimes boring with long moments of boredom and short adrealin rushes. The long and continuous tension of the first 2 book is over.
After the first time I thought that Katniss spended almost 3/4 of the book sedate and hidden somewhere, but while reading it again I realized it was just an impression. Sure, she has many good reasons to be sedate or to stay away from the battle, but in the end the time she spend in this way isn't so much respect the entire book. The third book follows the same schemes of the others: half of the story in preparation for the action, the other half completely sinked in the action with death, tragedy and continue turns of the events.
Peeta finally is less a character and more a person. I don't understand myself: it's a good thing, but somehow I preferred his old version XD I suffered so much reading how he was changed. I guess, I hoped Katniss would have gave him more attention or affection and I think she should have done something to save him a little earlier. But I liked that he had a complete different role in this book, that he conquered his part of action scenes and shocking revelation.
Another critic to this book was for the final Katniss/Peeta scenes. To me, people who complained for she choosing him, didn't understand this story. From the first book, I've never had any doubt about the fact that Katniss and Gale won't live together: they're too different, they have different priorities and see life in two completely different ways. In this book it become perfectly clear and she wouldn't be able to live with the murderer of her sister, with someone who planned a bomb to kill innocent people (she wouldn't do that! She killed innocents, yes, but in order to survive. There's a big difference). Thinking that the last scenes are just something added to make Katniss/Peeta fans happy means to completely misunderstood the moral that Hunger Games teaches us.
The end of the book tell us that we mustn't forget the atrocities. They can be horrible, but we must talk about them, even if our listeners are young. It tells us that we must remember our history to learn from our mistakes. It tells us that we must go on leaving: inside of us there's the strength to get up again, fight our own war and our own ghosts.
It tells us that time heal every wound.
That peace is a precious victory and it has to be defended.

Arashi no Shukudai kun all episodes (RAW)

I'm sorry but I won't reupload anything anymore.
The links that works, works, the ones that are broken are gone forever.
Please, don't ask me to reupload :)

I recently answered to 2 request on the arashi_on community's request post, regarding Arashi no Shukudai kun. Those 2 users were looking for 2 different episodes of this TV show, but after I answered I could give them the files, I found out that a bunch of other users are struggling tring to find the episodes.
After thinking a while I decided to share what I have, also if some friends told me I won't be a good idea because maybe someone will be angry (who? why? Dunno..).
I will try to keep the links alive, but I admit I'm a bit scared thinking how many times I'll have to reupload something XD
So, this will be quite a big issue, that's the only reason why I'm asking you to just follow these simple rules:

1) don't repost the files
2) don't repost the direct links

1) use the raw for subs/screencaps/gif/whatever-purpouses
2) Off course these file aren't mine, I haven't registered the TVshow directly O.o So credits may be optional, but I think that writing this source could help others to find this post and download what they want
3) write in the comments if some link are dead (specify which episode, please)

1) Shukudai's total number of episodes is 178. Here some episodes are missing, sorry.
2) When not stated something different, the episodes are a Medium Quality version
3) This post will always be public & open as I usually do when I share something. It will always be like this if people continue to respect the above rules. You can share the link of this post and people will always be free to download.

episode's number - date - guest

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As you can see the files are MANY. Maybe I made some mistakes putting the link for episode X to the sign "episode Y". Tell me if you find some of these mistakes, ok? ;) I'll fix them!

Thanks to rhyme_or_reason for episodes 7, 17, 33, 35, 38, 65, 78, 79, 95
Thnaks to resha22chad for episode 154

「はじまりの歌」(Hajimari no Uta) FINAL REVIEW

「はじまりの歌」Final Review

Che dire? Questo drama è una vera e propria perla tra quelli che ho visto. Breve, leggero, piacevole.
La storia vuole raccontare molto cose. Dimostri che chi ti vuole bene davvero, te ne vorrà sempre: Wataru non torna a casa da almeno 3 anni, eppure nessuno gli rinfaccia nulla, anzi tutti lo incoraggiano, tutti sperano che avrà sempre più successo. E' vero, lei gli dà del traditore perchè gli aveva fatto una promessa e non l'ha mantenuta, ma glielo dice in un momento in cui è ubriaca, non penso fosse seria, è solo una donna ferita.
La storia di Wataru ci dice anche che è meglio fare quello che vuoi veramente invece di fare qualcosa impegnandoti a metà, senza molta convinzione. Suo padre ci insegna che ci si può sempre rinnovare, a qualsiasi età, se si ha la voglia e la passione giuste per farlo.
Infine, ovviamente, c'è il tema del proprio paese natale. Questo drama ci comunica che ogni luogo ha i suoi lati positivi. Wataru arriva che vede solo edifici vecchi e alberi di mandarino, ma ogni inquadratura ci mostra il calore umano di quel luogo (in confronto a Tokyo di cui vediamo solo un ufficio di vetro). C'è la natura, ci sono piccoli angoli di bellezza, ci sono persone che fanno sempre del loro meglio, c'è l'affetto: quello dei clienti per il loro traghettatore, degli studenti (vecchi e nuovi) per i loro insegnanti (vecchi e nuovi), quello della famiglia, degli amici, di una comunità. C'è l'amore per la propria terra che in questa storia indica al nostro protagonista la vera strada da intraprendere, quella che per un attimo ha abbandonato, ma è più che chiaro che sia quella che desidera sul serio realizzare.
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Final vote 9/10
Smile in the Beautiful World

[FIC] Sagi: Capitolo 3

Titolo: Sagi
Capitolo: Prologo - 1 - 2 - 3
Genere: Avventura, Fantasy
Pairing: Ninomiya KazunarixOC
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Con questo mio scritto, pubblicato senza alcuno scopo di lucro, non intendo dare rappresentazione veritiera del carattere di questa persona, nè offenderla in alcun modo
Trama: Il Giappone è in subbuglio: le guerre si incrociano sul territorio, i potenti si alleano e si tradiscono ogni giorno, l'amico che ti ha sempre difeso, un giorno potrebbe pugnalarti alle spalle, coloro che ti sostengono potrebbero non farlo la vota successiva e d'improvviso chi ami oggi, domani potrebbe essere il nemico...
Ora, in tutto questo casino: io che ci faccio qui?

Se ve lo state chiedendo, sì, il tiglio è il mio albero preferito. E, sì, la pianta che ora Nino non sa riconoscere è un glicine. Ultimamente ne sto vedendo tanti fiorire in giro e ho deciso di piazzarcelo anche qui. Beh comunque si era già capito che la villa è un posto nascosto tra gli alberi e in mezzo alla natura (c'han pure laghetto e cascata naturali nel giardino!).
Il nostro valoroso Nino, armato di maglietta di E.T., affronta il colloquio con il capo famiglia dei Morikawa finalmente. Da notare l'abilità di Nino nell'evitare il più possibile frasi in cui dovrebbe per forza rivolgersi con rispetto all'uomo che ha davanti XD Beh, dato come si conclude il colloquio d'ora in poi può stare tranquillo che se parla in maniera più familiare sarà solo una cosa normale.
Magari qualcuno comincerà a far fatica coi nomi, il mio consiglio è di cominciare ad impararli fin da subito, questa ff ha un intreccio complesso e moltissimi personaggi (per ora ne ho contati 15/16 tra più e meno importanti) dovrete riconoscerli per capire. E comprendo anche che i nomi simili non aiutino la memoria. Sfortunatamente, all'epoca si usava dare ai nomi dei figli maschi un kanji in comune tra loro e con quello del padre. Nella famiglia Moriwaka il kanji è quello di 智 (sì, lo stesso che forma il nome di Satoshi).
Comunque vi faccio uno specchietto riassuntivo (lo metto infondo con anche i kanji scelti per i nomi che, come al solito, non sono scelti a caso).

Collapse )

Nel prossimo capitolo
Collapse )

智也 Toshiya ♂ → Capofamiglia dei Morikawa
明美 Akemi ♀ → Primogenita, andata in sposa al primogenito degli Ujie, Masato
智則 Toshinori ♂ → Secondogenito ed erede della famiglia
理智 Masatoshi ♂ → Terzogenito
律恵 Rie ♀ → Ultima figlia della prima moglie di Morikawa Toshiya, ora morta
智明 Toshiaki ♂ → Figlio della seconda moglie, morta dopo il parto
Smile in the Beautiful World

[FIC] Idol School Musical: Capitolo 6

Titolo: Idol School Musical
Capitolo: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
Genere: Comico, Commedia, Song-fic, AU
Pairing: -
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Con questo mio scritto, pubblicato senza alcuno scopo di lucro, non intendo dare rappresentazione veritiera del carattere di questa persona, nè offenderla in alcun modo
Trama: Un nuovo studente si trasferisce al Johnny's Education Institute. Un tutor, una squadra di basket, cellulari rotti e basi musicali per un ambito premio di fine anno. Ma quale obiettivo comune può unire 5 adolescenti tanto diversi? [fic a DUE MANI con shochan_reru]

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